Isnin, 13 September 2010

Description of the personality of your ideal partner under eight aspects, which are of large importance while establishing harmonious connections.

A self-confident persistent person, but not obligatory a leader.

A selfish self-oriented emulous person.

An obstinate persistent and energetic person.

He/shi is critical towards all social events and surrounding people.

A modest shy yielding reserved person, he/she is capable of obeying, doesn't have his/her own opinion, discharges his/her obligations dutifully and honestly.

A comfortable weak credulous and polite person, always waits for help and advice, expresses admiration for other people.

He/she is capable of cooperation and settlements by compromise; a flexible and accommodating person, aims at being in consent with others' opinion, knowingly comfortable, follows the conventionalities, rules and principles of "good form" while contacting people, pushing enthusiast in the achievement of group's aims, wants to be useful to become generally recognized and to deserve everyone's love, feels like being at the centre of attention, a sociable person, shows warmth and friendliness in relations.

He/she is responsible to the people, a considerate, weak, kind person, shows compassion sympathy care kindness to the people, he/she knows it to encourage and soothe people, unselfish and sympathetic.

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