Isnin, 13 September 2010

Description of your personality under eight aspects, which are of large importance while establishing harmonious connections.

A prepotent energetic competent leader, who carries authority, successful in business,likes to counsel, needs to be held in respect.

A selfish self-oriented emulous person.

An exacting straightforward open person, rough in valuation, irreconcilable, disposed to accuse everybody of everything. He/shi is ironic, short-tempered and given to mocking.

A critical unsociable person, can experience a difficult while getting into contect because of diffidence and jealousy. It's a reserved sceptical disappointed in people person, he/she can be aggressive while contacting to show his/her negativism.

A very shy and meek person, can be easily confused, is capable of obeying to more powerful one without taking into account the situation.

An obedient timorous weak person, can't show resistance, sincerely believes other people always to be the right ones.

He/she is friendly and polite to everyone, needs social acceptance and approval, wants to satisfy everyone's requirements, "to be good" to everyone without taking into account the situation, is interested in microgroup's aims, manages comprehensive mechanism of supplanting and suppression, emotional labile (hysteroid type of character).

A very responsible person, always sacrifices his/her interests, wants to help and compassionate everyone, importunate with his/her help and too active towards the people, makes him/herself responsible instead other people (can be only external "mask" covering the person of the opposite type).

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