Ahad, 1 April 2012


 This poem dedicated to those who still think he is my friend

Sometimes sweet,
Sometimes sour,
But that is the taste of life.

Takes you beyond the ages,
The childhood, the adults,
And the death.

It opens the eye of the world,
It gives the meaning to life,
And love,
But also be with you,
No matter how far we go,
How long it takes,
They are the stars in the sky,
Sometimes missing,
Sometimes shining,
But have no worry,
It always there for you.

Friends heal the wound,
But also torn you apart,
Thought hard to find true friends,
Look like catching a flying bird in the sky.

We need friendship,
Through friend,
Through life,
Through love.

p/s : Feel very aggrieved with friends who would become my best friend forever.

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