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Monitor Expiry Date of Gas Cylinder in Your Home


We usually looking at the expiry date on bread or other food before we buy it. But, have you check the expiry date of time bomb in own house?

Many people out there don't know about it. I know from gas stockist , because there are incidents that occur.

Expired gas cylinders are not safe for use and can cause accidents. So be careful when receives gas cylinders from  the seller.

Here's how to check LPG gas cylinders:
On one side of the gas cylinder expiry date is coded alpha-numerical as follows;
A, B, C or D followed by two digits, such as D06.

The letters indicate the number of quarters in a year.
  1. A for March (first quarter),
  2. B for June (second quarter),
  3. C for September (Third Quarter), and
  4. D for December (Fourth quarter).
Two digits that shows up is indicate until what year cylinder gas is safe to use

So, D06 means safe to use until December 2006.

Share this message with your friends. It may raise awareness and save lives.

Cooking gas cylinders weighing 14 kilograms(kg) normally that can be seen almost in every home and restaurant kitchen can cause massive destruction in case of gas leak and exploded.

Head of Gas Engineering Department, Faculty of Petroleum and Renewable Energy Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Associate Professor Dr. Zainal Zakaria said liquefied natural gas because it is denser than air and leaking gas will not diffuse out easily from a closed area such as homes and businesses.

"Gas is rather easy to spread throughout the space. If there is even a small spark, it could easily have grabbed all the waste gas," he told Kosmo! Ahad.

He was asked to comment on the explosion which destroyed the ground floor of the shopping center Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya last Wednesday. Incident at 3.45 am is believed to result from leakage of cooking gas at a restaurant there.

In fact, cooking gas is believed to overlap the channel most of the bottom of the shopping complex.

According to Zainal, cooking gas explosion incident can not be underestimated because of the millions of houses in Malaysia are still using fuel every day.

"Although solar electric stove or kitchen safer, cost to buy a gas tank is cheaper," he said.

 Currently, the price of cooking gas per barrel 14kg is RM27.

Zainal disclose, the source of cooking gas leakage at home are often due to gas head is installed in the wrong way or leaking gas hose bitten kitchen pests such as rats.

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