Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

15 Download Site Will Be Closed As Megaupload

15 websites, including megaupload is being investigated, if proven guilty of the same offense, they will be in the same boat as Megaupload. To ensure that not arrested, some sharing site had closed their file sharing services like FileServe and FileSonic.

With the same reason, sites like have block all internet protocol address which is based in the United States. I can still hardly any among the 15 confirmed this, who touches first. Furthermore, the implementation of the new Act was opposed by many.
1. BayFiles
Based in Hong Kong
2 weeks ago, made the announcement to close.
2. DepositFiles
Site based in Cyprus can upload files up to 300MB for free without registration. If the list is a member, users can upload files up to 2GB for free too. This site also offers membership "Gold" which allows users to download files quickly and without ads. Premium service is similar to that provided by Megaupload.  
3. Divx Stage
The site is openly offered to pay 10 dollars for each upload of 1000 film. Users can upload files up to 1GB.

4. HulkShare
This site allows users to upload files of songs and letting other people can listen to songs with the player who provided exclusively by HulkShare

5. MediaFire
Texas-based site allows users to upload files up to 200MB without a list. MediaFire also widely used for users to share files illegally, although banned by the manager.

6. MegaShares
This site allows users to upload files up to 10GB and the user pays according to the number of downloads the file belongs to them. How multi-level marketing, each measuring a minimum of 5MB of premium downloads will get one point. Points can be redeemed for cash if it reaches a certain amount.

7. NovaMov
The site is similar to Divx Stage. Users will be appreciated if it is able to upload movies of up to 2GB in size. Paid 10 dollars for each upload of 1000 film is also offered here.

8. OvFile
From the side view, this site seems fine. But its simplicity as "an online video storage service" to make this site could be a target of the investigation.

9. PutLocker
PutLocker allows users to upload files up to 1GB for free and can stream video without time limit. On February 1 later on, this site will discontinue its affiliate program that gives cash prizes to users.

10. RapidShare
Site based in Switzerland is one of the oldest sharing sites and are known globally. This site never caught a legal problem, but continue to operate and serve millions of users. On site is also no limit to upload and download files, but to be able to download files quickly to go through the registration process and paid.

11. SockShare
As PutLocker, SockShare will also terminate its affiliate program. In SockShare unggahnya limit is 1GB (free) and 5GB (premium).

12. UpLoadHere
This site provides a service to upload files up to 2GB. To download the files above 1GB, users must pay. Membership costs 8 U.S. dollars per month, or slightly less if paid at once for several months.

13. UpLoadKing
Much like UpLoadHere, except for a cheaper fee for premium service. Free users can only download files under 1GB and must not be downloaded more than one file simultaneously.

14. WUpload
Site based in Hong Kong is estimated is the second largest after sharing site Megaupload. The free service can be used to download up to 2GB.

15. Zshare
Sites that are purely based in Hong Kong for free and earning revenue from advertising. The user limitation can only upload and download files up to 100MB.

But the closure of an online file-sharing site reaped harsh criticism in cyberspace. Will not even reduce piracy activity. Online storage services such as Megaupload put certain files on the storage servers from service providers. While peer to peer is shared between users directly.

According to NPD analyst Russ Crupnick, a user peer to peer services like BitTorrent will increase. "I think the number of those who share files is not necessarily increased, but the volume of downloads via torrent may go up," he told Reuters.

Parties to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) seem unsure of the analysis. According to them, users still easier to use than the services a la Megaupload BitTorrent peer to peer style.

On the other hand, as if closing the door to the suppression Megaupload possibility distribution channels creative copyrighted works without the intervention of "Hollywood". Services such as Megaupload and other distribution channels may be movies, music or software directly from the artist or maker to the consumer.

With at doing things like this, of course the artists / musicians will be out of the agreement that limits their record label in whittle benefit greatly from their work. Services like this also becomes a way that is so important to get a great income and in giving birth to their works.

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